About Buzz

Buzz Leighton - Sculptor
Buzz Leighton gets his inspiration from nature and the world around him.

Buzz’s fascination with nature began as a small child, exploring the parks and woods surrounding Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. He spent countless hours catching frogs, bugs and fish, and listening to the din of the native denizens. As his world expanded, so too, did his interest in the outdoors and the north woods.

Like a family heirloom, his love of nature was a priceless gift, passed down through generations. In 1910, Buzz’s grandfather canoed the boundary waters of Northern Minnesota, while sleeping in a handmade sleeping bag which was lovingly hand-sewn by his grandmother. Buzz’s father traced his father’s steps two decades later, as he found his stride along the twists and turns of North Shore streams and trails.

At the age of 13, Buzz and his brother set out to canoe the Boundary waters in Northern Minnesota. For years, they continued going back, 2 boys, on an adventure of a lifetime, living in harmony with the land and visiting most of the lakes in the boundary waters and Quetico Provincial Park. The journey ended at Hudson Bay, but it continued a lifelong connection to nature and the  great outdoors.

After watching his Uncle Art, an accomplished welder,  build a huge swing set and monkey bars, he became intrigued with the process and taught himself how to transform raw metal into his interpretation of the world around him. He particularly enjoyed capturing the essence of the creatures that first captured his heart on the North Shore: moose, dragonfly, fish, and fox. His work evolved into a blending of of artistic expression and technical craft; cutting, melting, welding and forging steel and bronze. Buzz found that people liked his art and he began selling it at Art Fairs.

In his spare time, Buzz volunteers for the Three Rivers Park District as a Land Steward – helping to monitor invasive plant species. He has become known as the Mad Eradicator for his tireless work in eradicating Buckthorn from his own backyard.

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