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Metal Wall Art


The Meteor Series was inspired from my love of looking at the night sky. One day I looked up into the sky and saw hundreds of stars falling in clusters. It was truly a once in a life-time spectacle that remains etched in my mind. I am currently working on more wall art sculptures using sheet steel.

Meteor Series-Wall Sculpture #1 – 22″ wide

Meteor Series-Wall Sculpture #254″ wide

Meteor Series-Wall Sculpture #3 – 20″ wide

Buzz has created many new exciting art pieces in his collection including, horses, birds, fish and bugs. Would you like a special sculptural piece? Commissioned work is welcome. Other sculptures are created from wood and stone.

Check out more one-of-a-kind sculptures.

To make your purchase, click on the “Buy Now” button and enter the price of sculpture. Call Buzz at 612-961-2664 to get final amount of purchase plus shipping. Or send me and email: Thank you.

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Metal Sculptures

See my work for sale at Fine Art America.
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North Shore Superior Work


These pieces reflect my love of the north shore of Lake Superior.

Metal Moose Sculpture by Buzz Leighton
Moose – Steel & Bronze Sculpture

Metal Fish Sculpture by Buzz Leighton
Fish – Steel & Bronze Sculpture

Metal Butterfly Sculpture
Butterfly – Steel, Bronze and Wood Sculpture

Metal Wren Sculpture
Wren – Steel and Bronze Sculpture

Metal Bird Sculpture
Merganser – Steel and Bronze Sculpture

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The Tiger and the Moose

Mitts, the tiger cat, came upon a moose.

The tiger cat and the moose sculpture.
Tiger cat – actual size.

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My process, impressions & inspiration

I combine recycled steel, bronze and copper along with other elements that I find. Each piece is cut, forged, melted and welded one creation at a time. An oxygen/acetylene torch melts the steel and bronze together as the metal sculpture is shaped. A base is created out of hand-fired wood or objects found in nature. A unique one-of-a-kind sculpture is born.

My style is derived from my impressions of nature. A new piece takes shape when I am inspired by something I see and experience in the great outdoors. My work of Merganser, Moose, Dragonfly, Fox and Fish are a reflection of my love for the north shore of Lake Superior, where I have spent many years exploring the shoreline and back woods. Each piece starts out as a one-dimensional sketch—and by combining fire, metal and imagination, ends up having its own distinctive personality.

Metal Moose Sculpture by Buzz LeightonMetal Fish Sculpture by Buzz Leighton

As a young boy, I spent hours exploring the Bird Sanctuary at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, where I spent time catching frogs and tadpoles, observing the movements of birds, and listening to the sounds of the wild. It’s where my initial passion for nature was ignited. After watching my Uncle Art build a huge swing set and monkey bars by welding it together; I decided to teach myself how to weld and got scrap metal from a junk yard in downtown Minneapolis—created a steel bird­—and I was on my way to becoming a Sculptor.

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Dragonfly Sculptures

Buzz created these dragonflies out of steel, bronze and driftwood.

Metal Dragonfly Sculpture
Steel, Bronze and Wood – Dragonfly Sculpture

Metal Dragonfly Sculpture
Dragonfly Sculpture (back view)

Dragonfly Sculpture
Actual Size of Sculpture

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